Various Artists - Exhibition 6

Various Artists

Exhibition 6

It's been four years since BEN LOST mixed EXHIBITION V, a release that marked his full-time return to the label after 'the sabbatical to end all sabbaticals', and seventeen years since LOST001 was released when he first took hold of the reigns as an "eager, wide eyed trance foal".

Since the labels inception, he's made no secret of his desire to mine that late 90's 'Golden Age of Trance' vibe, albeit with crisp, modern production techniques - "never drowning in nostalgia, happily treading water" - something BEN LOST has captured here on EXHIBITION VI, his fourth and most recent in the series.


Tim Bourne - Beyond The Horizon

Tim Bourne

Beyond The Horizon

LOST149 arrives in the form of Tim Bourne's 'Beyond the Horizon', two cuts of exceptionally classy Trance from a young Indonesian talent with releases on Bonzai and J00F's Mantra label already under his belt.

Beyond the Horizon is a heads down, ears pinned back trancer, that bridges the gap between mid 90's Goa and late 90's tech-trance. It's dark, moody and beautifully produced, exactly how we like it.


Various Artists - Missing Pieces II - Suite XVI (Part Three)

Various Artists

Missing Pieces II - Suite XVI (Part Three)

RELAUNCH turns in a superb remix of Ballroom's classic 'Passenger' for EL EL's never ending 16th birthday celebrations, on what is the 3rd instalment of 4, on this second run (you've lost me - ed) of MISSING PIECES EP's. FILTERIA and PARADOX rework TILT classic's 'Rendezvous' and 'World Doesn't Know' to great effect, with the unreleased 3 ACCESS and YOU remix of MIRO's 'By Your Side' completing the package.