Eli Spiral - Light Rider

Eli Spiral

Light Rider

Fresh from releases on J00F's "Mantra" label and Clinique, Eli Spiral makes his Lost Language debut (in this guise) with the crisp, melodic prog of "Light Rider".

Thomas Datt takes the delicate, plucked melody and builds a big driving riff around it, on a remix which has already seen support from Andy Moor and Aly & Fila.


Peter Steele - Zen & Nirvana

Peter Steele

Zen & Nirvana

We can't get enough of PETER STEELE here at LOST LANGUAGE, with his sound epitomising what we look for when it comes to classy, driving trance.

The original mixes of NIRVANA and ZEN received immediate support from SOLARSTONE, WILL ATKINSON, and CRAIG CONNELLY, with NIRVANA having an early release on BEN LOST's EXHIBITION VI compilation.


Various Artists - Exhibition 6

Various Artists

Exhibition 6

It's been four years since BEN LOST mixed EXHIBITION V, a release that marked his full-time return to the label after 'the sabbatical to end all sabbaticals', and seventeen years since LOST001 was released when he first took hold of the reigns as an "eager, wide eyed trance foal".

Since the labels inception, he's made no secret of his desire to mine that late 90's 'Golden Age of Trance' vibe, albeit with crisp, modern production techniques - "never drowning in nostalgia, happily treading water" - something BEN LOST has captured here on EXHIBITION VI, his fourth and most recent in the series.