Stu Mort - The Lost Chapters

Stu Mort

The Lost Chapters

Stu Mort (Aka Freesoup) makes a welcome return to the label with The Lost Chapters EP, a 25-minute widescreen journey through Trance, Psy and Ambient Soundscapes.

Lead track "Jiraiya" kicks things off with a sound that harks back to that turn of the century "GC Disco-Tech" style - think Pulsar, Marc & Ace, Atlantis, Spectre etc, while "Earth" takes the EP deep into soundtrack territory, utilising a sample that highlights current concerns regarding the ecological state of our planet.


Ariscan - Amberfall



Fresh from remixing Paul Hawcroft's "Evolution", Ariscan makes his full Lost Language debut with Amberfall, a track that first appeared on Andy Moor's "In Search Of Sunrise" compilation, a legendary series held in high acclaim round these parts.

It's a beautifully produced, melancholic trancer, clean and classy, just how we like it.


Paul Hawcroft - Evolution

Paul Hawcroft


Next up, having recently remixed Probspots "Foreplay" for us, Paul Hawcroft makes his full Lost Language release debut with the infectious "Evolution", its unique bounce and killer bassline truly setting the pace on Ben Lost's "Exhibition VI" compilation where it first appeared.

Ariscan, who will shortly make his own debut on El-El with the stunning "Amberfall", provides a beautiful, melodic rework that fans of the aforementioned ISOS / Andy Moor supported tune will love.


Probspot - Foreplay (Remixes)


Foreplay (Remixes)

We've been sniffing around in the EL-EL archives again, this time resurrecting the 2004 Probspot classic "Foreplay".

Ovnimoon with 3 Access & You pour on the Trance in their own inimitable style, utilizing the whistle of the main riff to great effect, in a heavy, melodic workout.


Eli Spiral - Light Rider

Eli Spiral

Light Rider

Fresh from releases on J00F's "Mantra" label and Clinique, Eli Spiral makes his Lost Language debut (in this guise) with the crisp, melodic prog of "Light Rider".

Thomas Datt takes the delicate, plucked melody and builds a big driving riff around it, on a remix which has already seen support from Andy Moor and Aly & Fila.


Peter Steele - Zen & Nirvana

Peter Steele

Zen & Nirvana

We can't get enough of PETER STEELE here at LOST LANGUAGE, with his sound epitomising what we look for when it comes to classy, driving trance.

The original mixes of NIRVANA and ZEN received immediate support from SOLARSTONE, WILL ATKINSON, and CRAIG CONNELLY, with NIRVANA having an early release on BEN LOST's EXHIBITION VI compilation.


Darkskye - Guardians of Valhalla


Guardians of Valhalla

DARKSKYE returns with GUARDIANS OF VALHALLA, his LOST LANGUAGE follow up to 2015's Funeral Techno masterpiece 'THE MONASTERY'.

GUARDIANS OF VALHALLA haunts the burial ground of that turn of the century SILVER PLANET, AUTOMATIC, JACKPOT prog house sound, with tight percussion, ghostly chants and melancholic chord changes, all which have been utilised to great effect by our boys on the remix front.


Various Artists - Exhibition 6

Various Artists

Exhibition 6

It's been four years since BEN LOST mixed EXHIBITION V, a release that marked his full-time return to the label after 'the sabbatical to end all sabbaticals', and seventeen years since LOST001 was released when he first took hold of the reigns as an "eager, wide eyed trance foal".

Since the labels inception, he's made no secret of his desire to mine that late 90's 'Golden Age of Trance' vibe, albeit with crisp, modern production techniques - "never drowning in nostalgia, happily treading water" - something BEN LOST has captured here on EXHIBITION VI, his fourth and most recent in the series.


Tim Bourne - Beyond The Horizon

Tim Bourne

Beyond The Horizon

LOST149 arrives in the form of Tim Bourne's 'Beyond the Horizon', two cuts of exceptionally classy Trance from a young Indonesian talent with releases on Bonzai and J00F's Mantra label already under his belt.

Beyond the Horizon is a heads down, ears pinned back trancer, that bridges the gap between mid 90's Goa and late 90's tech-trance. It's dark, moody and beautifully produced, exactly how we like it.


Various Artists - Missing Pieces II - Suite XVI (Part Three)

Various Artists

Missing Pieces II - Suite XVI (Part Three)

RELAUNCH turns in a superb remix of Ballroom's classic 'Passenger' for EL EL's never ending 16th birthday celebrations, on what is the 3rd instalment of 4, on this second run (you've lost me - ed) of MISSING PIECES EP's. FILTERIA and PARADOX rework TILT classic's 'Rendezvous' and 'World Doesn't Know' to great effect, with the unreleased 3 ACCESS and YOU remix of MIRO's 'By Your Side' completing the package.


Audio Noir - Lonely Empire & Navagio Beach

Audio Noir

Lonely Empire & Navagio Beach

There was plenty of love for Audio Noir's remix of Sacred Cycles, so we were more than happy to follow that up with this lush, understated EP. Originally titled 'Southern Exposure', the clue's in the name, with rich pads and intricate beats setting the tone on Audio Noir's classy originals. It's summer in Australia.

Ovnimoon records stalwart Labyr1nth (USA) pumps things up with a superb rework of Lonely Empire - melodic, atmospheric prog psy at it's best


Relaunch - Funny Place Called Life


Funny Place Called Life

Relaunch follows up his 'One Love' release from early last year with another forward thinking slice of underground Trance. Three cuts in total, each offering something entirely unique. The original builds to a weaving, melancholic riff, while the 'Deep Trance Edit' is all about the rolling groove and stark FX, reminiscent of LSG's industrial moments. And in keeping with EL-EL's rich tradition of providing left of centre cuts on the flip, Relaunch also provides us with a broken beats 'Dub Edit'.


3 Access & You With Ovnimoon, Ft. Aerotek - Machine

3 Access & You With Ovnimoon, Ft. Aerotek


EL-EL's Chilean favourites 3 Access & You with Ovnimoon are back, this time featuring fellow countryman Aerotek, and what a monster it is.

The first four minutes are deep and hard, steadily whipping up a heavy 3am Goa vibe, before a break in the proverbial storm clouds give way to a melancholic old school trance riff, magical stuff. I wont ruin the surprise but the boys take the classy route and we're off to the races.


Jamie Baggotts - Exodus

Jamie Baggotts


Jamie Baggotts makes his EL-EL debut beyond remix duties with a throbbing progger that's become something of a trademark for the boy Baggotts.

The original is deep and chunky, with trippy acid tweaks sitting neatly over a tight groove that gives way to a subtle yet stirring choral breakdown. It's classy stuff and the reason why Jamie's sound has had found its way onto Old SQL, Pure Trance and Bonzai Progressive.


Missing Pieces II - Suite XVI (Part Two)

Various Artists

Missing Pieces II - Suite XVI (Part Two)

Did we mention that LOST LANGUAGE turns SIXTEEN this year? Well we do, so here's PART TWO of our FOUR PART 'SUITE XVI' series.

FINLAND's SIMON TEMPLAR is first up, with a stunning remix of TILT's 'ANGRY SKIES'. MARIA NAYLER's vocal sits beautifully over a typically dark and brooding TEMPLAR groove, before that monumental riff steps onto the floor, eye's closed, hand's raised, ciggy in a wobbly jaw.


Paradox - Can't Change The Wind


Can't Change The Wind

ALLY BROWN makes his EL-EL debut under the PARADOX moniker, with a real nod to a sound we were pushing back in 2002-3, when U&K, PROBSPOT, LEAMA & MOOR et al were crafting a fresh take on lush, melodic, prog-trance.

OVNIMOON'S remix goes for the jugular, with a typically lazer-kissed PSY-FI rework - "breakdown's are for pussies" - we hear. Either way, it's a belter, and we'd expect no less from our man in CHILE.


Missing Pieces II - Suite XVI (Part One)

Various Artists

Missing Pieces II - Suite XVI (Part One)

LOST LANGUAGE turns sixteen this year, so what better way to celebrate our legal right to buy a lottery ticket and join the armed forces, than with a FOUR PART orgy of resprayed EL-EL classics.

The TL for PART ONE speaks for itself - with J00F dude INSERT NAME adding a chunky, tribal feel to the KLINKENBERG classic. Deep, tight and wholly worthwhile.


Simon Templar - Oblivion

Simon Templar


SIMON TEMPLAR has been leading the way in what we at EL-EL towers would describe as PROPER TRANCE. Deep, moody, intricate, emotional - OBLIVION is the definition of this. OBLIVION PT 1 wouldn't have sounded out of place in a SASHA set from 1999. Arpeggiated riffs, black trance FX. We couldn't have hoped for a more perfect encapsulation of the sound that took us onto this path.


Ovnimoon With 3 Access And You - We Are One

Ovnimoon With 3 Access And You

We Are One

We've been spending a lot of time with the classics in the EL-EL bodyshop - but we're back with something fresh, a collaboration between Chilean Trance Wizards OVNIMOON and 3 ACCESS & YOU.

WE ARE ONE is a beefy slice of tough, brooding PSY-FI. Pensive, melancholic - a no nonsense cruiser. This is your Daddy's Trance, make no mistake.


Space Manoeuvres - Stage One (Remixes)

Space Manoeuvres

Stage One (Remixes)

Unlike LOST135, our next release has had more mixes than we've had hot tamales, but it's a track that refuses to stagnate, with each new version bringing something fresh to the feast. The LISA LASHES Techno re-rub is a case in point.

Next up, rising star STU MORT (aka FREESOUP) takes things down a trancier, acid driven route, using the much loved PARIAH remix as his muse, freshening things up with the use of a brand new sample.


Space Manoeuvres - Stage One (Lashes Remix)

Space Manoeuvres

Stage One (Lashes Remix)

LISA LASHES - a true hero of the scene. Technically gifted, with an effortlessly broad musical ear, covering a plethora of genres throughout her illustrious career, spanning more than 18 years... and still holding the title of the only woman to break into the TOP 10 of the DJ MAG TOP 100.


Darkskye - The Monastery


The Monastery

DARKSKYE specialises in moody, pensive techno, and we reckon 'The Monastery' is up there as one of the darkest tracks we've ever released on Lost Language. Funeral Techno at it's finest.

Fast becoming one of EL-EL's favourite DJ's and Producers, Finland's SIMON TEMPLAR provides us with a killer remix that harks back to the BONZAI / PLASTIC BOY era of Trance.


Miro - Paradise



Miro's 'Paradise' was originally released on HOOJ CHOONS in 1998, a pivotal track in an era defined by blissed out house and proto-prog trance, popularised at legendary super-clubs such as RENAISSANCE, CREAM and GATECRASHER............ So it's been a long time coming, but 17 years later we finally have (what we consider) to be a perfectly worthy package of new mixes.

MINDWAVE tee's off with his 'BALEARIC-PSY' interp - a lush, bubbling remix that was featured on compilations from both ACTIVA and BEN LOST in 2014.


Hazem Beltagui Presents Dark Sahara - The Weaver Of Black Noise

Hazem Beltagui Presents Dark Sahara

The Weaver Of Black Noise

Fresh from remixing 3 Access and You's 'The Energy', HAZEM BELTAGUI struts up to the BLACK TRANCE pulpit in his DARK SAHARA cassock - all chaos, doom and gated riffs.

CBM takes the reins this time with an expansive first sermon in the EL-EL TEMPLE, a bone shaking, tech-trance monster, that's hard, open and HD ready in all the right places.

"If you truly seek illumination, then where better to find it than in the darkness?" - Lon Milo Duquette

The Cult of Lost Language.


3 Access & You Ft Ovnimoon - Violeta / The Energy

3 Access & You Ft Ovnimoon

Violeta / The Energy

OVNIMOON made his Lost Language debut back in 2013, when he remixed MIRO's 'By Your Side' - utilising the best of no nonsense Psy and melodic trad-trance, arguably trumping the original in the process......and there's more of that to be found here, with our man from CHILE leading his 3A&U crew into euphonic, riff heavy (proper) ProgTrance territory.

Heading up the package is Egypt's HAZEM BELTAGUI, who has turned 'The Energy' into a brooding PT masterpiece, utilising the subtle acid tweaks before dropping a brooding, melancholic piano break that caused quite a stir when label boss BEN LOST dropped it as the first track on his BTBR return at the start of the year.

Andy Ling - Fixation

Andy Ling


LOST LANGUAGE has a big sister named HOOJ - currently absent on a journey of self discovery, last spotted in a Clapton squat - and we've been casually ransacking her Trance parts ever since she left, all those moons ago.

Andy Ling's 'FIXATION' was a staple in the legendary SASHA sets of days gone by and now RELAUNCH - fresh from releasing his ONE LOVE EP - has turned in the mother of all prog-trance mixes, utilising the original parts to great effect. Don't be fooled by inferior cover versions currently doing the rounds, guys - this is the mix you've been waiting for.


Relaunch - One Love EP


One Love EP

Next up on Lost Language is the 'ONE LOVE EP' - an exceptional release from Germany's RELAUNCH, marking the first of EL-EL's HAECKEL inspired cover pieces.

Educated at the Dorian Gray Frankfurt school of Techno and boasting releases on J00F, Bonzai and Mistique in recent years, Relaunch has become a firm favourite with those who prefer their Trance a shade deeper, their grooves a tad fuller.

ONE LOVE is a rolling Trance masterpiece with broad, emotive melodies that were tailor made for our clued up crew. It's warm and chunky in all the right places and follows our dogmatic 'OSTS/MPV' mantra to the letter.


Freesoup - We Who Have


We Who Have

Next up on Lost Language is Freesoup's 'We Who Have' - a stand out cut from our latest EXHIBITION V compilation, now garnished with a generous side order of remixes.

With recent output on Discover, Borderline and Perfecto, 'King of the North' John Dopping leads the way with an elegant peak time workout. Live drum fills and a full fat breakdown makes his the go-to mix for those big room moments.

Fresh from remixing Federation, Freesoup provides us with his very own 'Deep Mix', which Ben Lost debuted on his 'Open Up' guest slot back in April. It's a classy reinterpretation that slips in a new riff, whilst utilising the Auranaut-esque sample to great effect in a swoon inducing breakdown.

Exhibition 5 (Mixed By Ben Lost)

Various Artists

Exhibition 5 (Mixed By Ben Lost)

What was once Lost is now found… After an extended timeout, lasting more than a half-decade, Ben Lost has returned to the director's chair of Lost Language. One of trance & progressive's most eminent imprints, over its near 15-year label lifetime it has been the springboard for the careers of an axiomatic list of famed producers. To mark his retaking of its A&R reins, and a new waypoint in the label's history, he's mixed the fifth episode of its hallowed 'Exhibition' mix-series.

Ben launched the 'Exhibition' line during the label's early millennial era, quickly helming it into a singular position in the mix collections of trance and prog fans alike. Now, almost a decade after he mixed his last one, the prodigal one's returned to expo the ongoing development of Lost's musical language. The album features tracks and mixes from array of new talent. In an amongst its progressive foothills, trance peaks and Goan inclines are tracks and remixes from Manmachine, Ovnimoon, Superpsychics, Cosmithex and Sonic Entity, as well as more seasoned sound shapers like Guy J, Activa and Neptune Project. Ben has tasked many of them with remixes of the label's vastly respected back-catalogue, with new directions & tangents lent to tracks by Space Manoeuvres, Miro, Barraka, Accadia and C.M.

Superpsychics - Coheena



The multi-talented, Berlin based Superpsychics are the 'majier' behind 'Coheena' - a unique, glitchy original with an infectious bounce, heading up a remix package that covers all the main food groups. And as is fast becoming tradition, our 'über-psychischen verbündeten' even provided LOST129's experimental, kaleidoscopic cover photography.

First up to bat is Estonia's Cosmithex with a driving, heavyset remix that slides up the BPM and sews in some acid, raising the psychedelic levels just a touch in the process. It's smart, driving trance and it's already been a massive tune for John 00 Fleming. Eight minutes of Super Psy-Kicks.

For those with a more progressive palette, Napalm & D-Phrag keep things swinging at the 126BPM mark, teasing in the riff and using lush, meditative pads to great effect. We'd use the word 'sexy' if we thought we'd get away with it.


Amir Abbasi - Angelus Sine Sensu

Amir Abbasi

Angelus Sine Sensu

Having already cut a fine set of teeth here at LL, most recently via his Kraftwerkian tech-house-sand-down of Blanka's 'Evolution' - we're honoured to present Amir Abbasi's 'Angelus Sine Sensu'.

To give you some background, the Latin tongued Amir Abbasi is as comfortable directing music videos for Sasha's 'Last Night on Earth' as he is experimenting with guitar pedals and synths in his Atlanta studio.

It's 'music that excites not just the ears but all of our senses', says Amir. To prove his point, he even shot the cover photo. At a local graveyard, natch.

And this holistic approach to his art shines through on the wide screen, melancholic manchine-funk of 'Angelus Sine Sensu' - a track simultaneously winking at both early 80's Cold Wave and late 90's Bonzai Trance - Trisomie 21 playing air-hockey with M.I.K.E - all held together by a tight, neoteric production skin.

Tilt - Stop The World Revolving


Stop The World Revolving

Tilt, creators of trance classics such as the Bjork-sampling 'I Dream' and 'The World Doesn't Know' arrive into the year 2013 with a long awaited comprehensive 'Best Of' compilation, titled 'Stop The World Revolving - The Best Of Tilt'. It comprises of an exclusive un-mixed 14 track selection of Tilt over the years, plus a 9 track mix CD full of the duo's club favourites andremixes.


Also check out the fantastic mix album that goes along with this release

Blanka - Evolution



Adam White and Adam Dowling - AKA Blanka - joined the Lost Language fold in 2012 with their debut single 'Red Earth', before outdoing themselves with their huge remix of Bernie Allens 'Ethereal Love' - and 2013 sees their return, with the aptly titled 'Evolution', another unique production that incorporates military snare rolls, acid lines and plucked balearic riffs.