Space Manoeuvres - FACTOID

100 Copy Ltd Edition LP "Factoid" [LOSTLP04XX]

Stage One (Gardner and Southall Peak Mix) Stage One (Deeptone Mix) Zone Two (Serp Mix) Part Three (Probspot Vocal Mix) Quadrant Four (Furry Nipples Dub Mix) Moonbase Nine
Space Manoeuvres - FACTOID


This 100 limited edition release was issued to celebrate the launch of OID. Factoid was never sold in the stores, but instead copies were given away to fans, DJs, remixers and registered web site users. On the back of each copy is a unique embossed Indonesian banknote which is numbered and signed by John Graham.


Written and produced by John Graham. (p) Tirade Records Ltd. 2005 (c) Lost Language 2005

RELEASE DATE: 24 Feb 2005
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