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Angry Skies (Cressida Mix) If This Is Love Dublin Kicks Southern Sky Come Closer Walking Away Rising Son In This World Invisible (Supernatural Mix) I Know Your're Afraid

Tilt present their eagerly awaited album of collected works, ranging from rare remixes through to the classics. Tilt have always been key players, be it in deep dark house music or glistening, melodic progressive house.

After the success of last years ‘Explorer’ album and a handful of well received remix packages, we collectively got our shit together and moved offices, sorting out boxes full of dusty DAT’s and CDRs - and unearthing a pretty exciting haul of glittering Tilt gems in the process (some of which you lot have been mailing us about every bloody week for the past 5 years!) – namely the Supernatural mix of Tilt’s ‘Invisible’…something to keep the Oakey essential mix completists happy for a bit…

So alongside outtakes, brand new remixes and some equally impressive Tilt tracks from the vaults - which they unearthed in their bunker over the summer - we’ve compiled a real (low price bargain) treat for the fans.

Kicking off the disc is an awesome new remix of Tilt sing-along favourite ‘Angry Skies’ by none other than Tilt themselves, followed up with a handful of brand new songs, including ‘Dublin Kicks’, one of three tracks co-produced with Soul Mekanik.

Soul Mekanik are currently fresh from producing Robbie Williams’s ‘Rudebox’. They have been responsible for writing such hits as ‘Rock DJ’. Their impressive collection of remixes/original tracks can be found on acclaimed RIP Records.

Another song with big connections to feature on ‘Vaults’ is a track called ‘Come Closer’ which was left over from Madonnas ‘Ray Of Light’ sessions and given to the boys from a publisher friend but also plenty here for those that want some straight up bassline led Tilt business, with tracks like the John Graham produced ‘I Know Your Afraid’, ‘Southern Skies’ and of course ‘that’ mix of ‘Invisible’.


(p) and (c) Lost Language 2006

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