Lost Language - Exhibition II


CD 1 - Ben Lost

Recluse - Isle Dauphine (Probspot Mix) Miro - By Your Side (Sonorous' Bright Side Mix) Espen & Elusive - Poetic Penetration Critical7 - Lost Tilt - The World Doesn't Know Probspot - Midnight Ozgur Can - On A White Day Little Wonder - Eclipse (Leama & Moor Mix) Sonorous - Second Sun (Leama & Moor Mix) 8 Wonders - 8th Wonder Empire State - Adironda

CD 2 - Ben Lost

U&K - Drop Probspot - Satisfaction Recluse - Yellow Moon (Octagen Mix) U&K - Switchback Young Parisians Ft Ben Lost - Jump The Next Train (Probspot Mix) Ozgur Can - Irony Jano Acta - Fludent Fiction Tilt - Goodbye Luminary - My World (Pesh Mix) Odyssee - Dreamcatcher Empire State - Niagara

CD 3 - Mixed by Jay Burnett

Salt Tank - Eugina (Free Desire Mix) Jano Acta - Fluent Fiction (Ambient Mix) Space Manouevres - Stage One (Ambient Mix) CM - Dream Universe (16B Mix) Recluse - Isle Dauphine (Ambient Mix) Accadia - Into The Dawn (Accadia Ambient Mix) Parks & Wilson - My Orbit (Heavy Air Mix) Pete Lazonby - Ambient Cycles Three Drives - Greece 2000 (Moonwatcher's Sea of Tranquility Mix) Luminary - Dark Eyes Salt Tank - Dimensions (Electric Storm Mix)
Lost Language - Exhibition II

Exhibition 2 is a compilation of in house material consisting of all of what is new and fresh on Lost Language in 2004. Spread over three discs the sounds vary from blistering trance to melodic progressive tracks. Bonus Disc 3 features ambient and chill out versions of some Lost Language classics.

The Vinyl release is subtitled "Future Heroes" and contains exclusive tracks of up and coming new producers.


(p) Tirade Records Ltd. 2004 (c) Lost Language 2004

RELEASE DATE: 01 Sept 2004
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