Various Artists - Ascension 01, The Awakening (Mixed by Tasadi)


Ivan Mateluna - Eden (Intro Mix)
Sergey Tkachev - The Untold Story Of Mountain Spring
Hybrid - Disappear Here (Andy Moor Ecomix)
Vadim Zhukov - Follow Me (Nhato Remix)
Tilt feat Maria Nayler - No Other Day (Tasadi & Nhato Remix)
Michael Badal - Silk Road (Adymus Remix)
Sergey Tkachev - 2000 Days Ago
Ville Lope vs Evil Twin - Ninja
Robbie Nelson - Shangri-La (Dj Mog & Angus Gibbins Remix)
Rinat Shabanov - Touch (Dmitry Bessonov Remix)
Tasadi feat Aurielle - We Are Human (Ivan Mateluna Remix)
Existone - Supergreen
Dj MaSound - Don't Be Afraid (Dub)
Saint X (Lifestream)
Vadim Zhukov - Ninety Nine

Lost Language's latest compilation album stems from US trance master Tasadi. For the past year he has scouted exclusive tracks from some of the hottest global producers and seamlessly mixed them into his latest CD called 'Ascension'.

Ascension's proceedings start with Mexico's trance talent Ivan Mateluna in a symphonic introduction named 'Eden' to start the heaven bound journey. Following up that ethereal opening is one of Sedna's top talents, Segery Tkachev drawing you in with deep basses, and spiraling melodies in his latest production 'The Untold Story of Mountain Spring'. International super producer Andy Moor's chunky remix of 'Disappear Here' by Hybrid soon follows to amp the tone up a dimension.

Consistently releasing massive tunes in the past, next up comes veteran Russian talent Vadim Zhukov with 'Follow Me' in a wicked remix by Nhato. Nhato, one of Japan's explosive new and up & coming producers, then teams up with Tasadi himself to do an explosive, FX filled remix of legendary trance team Tilt's new production 'No Other Day'. Things take a dreamy turn for a bit, and guitars mix with lush breakdowns in Adymus' remix of 'Silk Road' by Michael Badal. '2000 Days Ago', a surefire dance floor rocker by Tkachev (a name you will be surely be hearing more often) is next blended into the journey.

Ville Lope gets into the act with progressive grooves and catchy riffs in his new track 'Ninja'. Guaranteed to put smiles on any classic trance fans face, the Tiesto featured 'Shangri-La' by Robbie Nelson gets a big progressive interpretation by Dj Mog & Angus Gibbins. Next, Russian producer Rinat Shabanov releases his new track 'Touch' in a Dmitry Bessonov Remix that combines bouncy basses with a laid back piano that transcends you to another place.

Tasadi's own composition featuring Aurielle 'We Are Human' gets a trance revamp from Ivan Mateluna. Exitstone continues to impress the trance scene with old school rolling basslines along with haunting &euphoric melodies in 'Supergreen'. Persian based Masoud (Dj MaSound) provides us his latest bomb 'Don't Be Afraid' with slick, tight beats and big riffs in the break. Trance trio Saint X blows the roof off with a peak-time trance monster 'Lifestream', and Vadim Zhukov wraps things up with perfect rising leads on a tribal style beat in 'Ninety Nine'.

The ring master Tasadi along with his production and remix swat team debut some exclusive progressive and trance bombs in perfectly welded electronic series with the first being 'Ascension 001: The Awakening', a massive package no enthusiast should miss!


01. Written & Produced by Ivan Mateluna. Licensed from MAS Label.

02. Written & Produced by Sergey Tkachev. Published by Dharma Songs.

03. Written by Healings, James & Truman. Produced and mixed by Mike Truman. Published By Copyright Control . Licensed from Distinctive Records.

04. Written & Produced by Vadim Zhukov. Licensed from Sedna.

05. Written & Produced by Mick Park, Maria Naylor and Nic Britton. Published by Dharma Songs / Copyright Control.

06. Written & Produced by Michael Badal. Licensed from Sedna.

07. Written & Produced by Sergey Tkachev. Licensed from Sedna.

08. Written & Produced by Ville Lope. Published by Dharma Songs .

09. Written by Robbie Nelson. Produced by Robbie Nelson & Dee Lievense. Published by Notting Hill Music. Licensed from Crashing Waves.

10. Written & Produced by Rinat Shabanov. Published by Dharma Songs.

11. Written & Produced by Tasadi. Vocals by Aurielle. Licensed from Sedna.

12. Written & Produced by Sergey Zarubin. Published by Dharma Songs.

13. Written & Produced by Masoud Fouladi Moghaddam. Published by Dharma Songs.

14. Written & Produced by Mike Saint-Jules, Chris Swai, & Thomas Gagasoules. Licensed from Sedna.

15. Written & Produced by Vadim Zhukov. Licensed from Sedna.

(p) & (c) Lost Language 2011

RELEASE DATE: 13 June 2011
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