Tim Bourne - Beyond The Horizon


Beyond The Horizon
Orpheus Descending
Tim Bourne - Beyond The Horizon

LOST149 arrives in the form of Tim Bourne's 'Beyond the Horizon', two cuts of exceptionally classy Trance from a young Indonesian talent with releases on Bonzai and J00F's Mantra label already under his belt.

Beyond the Horizon is a heads down, ears pinned back trancer, that bridges the gap between mid 90's Goa and late 90's tech-trance. It's dark, moody and beautifully produced, exactly how we like it.

Orpheaus Descending is comparatively uplifting, kicking off with an orchestral intro, before moving into a more psy tinged groove. A natural 'Yang' to the A-side 'Yin'.


Written & Produced by Tim Bourne. Published by Dharma Songs. (p) 2017 Lost Language (c) 2017 Lost Language

RELEASE DATE: 28 Apr 2017
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