Paradox - Can't Change The Wind


Ovnimoon with 3 Access and U Remix
DeCode Remix
Original Mix
Miro - Paradise

ALLY BROWN makes his EL-EL debut under the PARADOX moniker, with a real nod to a sound we were pushing back in 2002-3, when U&K, PROBSPOT, LEAMA & MOOR et al were crafting a fresh take on lush, melodic, prog-trance.

OVNIMOON'S remix goes for the jugular, with a typically lazer-kissed PSY-FI rework - "breakdown's are for pussies" - we hear. Either way, it's a belter, and we'd expect no less from our man in CHILE.

DECODE's remix is full of bounce, making excellent use of the originals plucked melody and atmospheric vocal sample. Crisp production and a beautiful breakdown makes this the go to remix for those who like their pSY with a small P and their Trance with a big(ish) T.


Written & Produced by Ally Brown. Published by Copyright Control. (p) 2008 Lost Language (c) 2016 Lost Language

RELEASE DATE: 13 May 2016
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