Space Manoeuvres - Stage One (Remixes)


Stu Mort 2015 Remix
Paul Pearson Remix
Miro - Paradise

Unlike LOST135, our next release has had more mixes than we've had hot tamales, but it's a track that refuses to stagnate, with each new version bringing something fresh to the feast. The LISA LASHES Techno re-rub is a case in point.

Next up, rising star STU MORT (aka FREESOUP) takes things down a trancier, acid driven route, using the much loved PARIAH remix as his muse, freshening things up with the use of a brand new sample.

PAUL PEARSON (of 'AND HIRST' fame) wraps things up (for now) with a tight, rolling prog-trance interpretation - loving crafted, beautifully produced and another welcome addition to the Stage One / Pariah party.

'Where we're going... we don't need eyes to see' - Event Horizon.



Written & Produced By John Graham. Remix & Additional Production on 1. by Stu Mort, 2. by Paul Pearson. Published by Windfall Publishing ltd. (p) 2008 Lost Language (c) 2015 Lost Language

RELEASE DATE: 14 August 2015
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