Miro - Paradise


Mindwave Remix
Deepfunk Remix
Casey Rasch Wax Remix
Casey Rasch Wane Remix
Miro - Paradise

Miro's 'Paradise' was originally released on HOOJ CHOONS in 1998, a pivotal track in an era defined by blissed out house and proto-prog trance, popularised at legendary super-clubs such as RENAISSANCE, CREAM and GATECRASHER............So it's been a long time coming, but 17 years later we finally have (what we consider) to be a perfectly worthy package of new mixes.

MINDWAVE tee's off with his 'BALEARIC-PSY' interp - a lush, bubbling remix that was featured on compilations from both ACTIVA and BEN LOST in 2014.

DEEPFUNK goes life aquatic on the flip, with his much sought after remake clocking up exclusive early plays on SOLARSTONE's SOLARIS INTERNATIONAL radio show.

LA's hugely talented CASEY RASCH provides LOST135 with a happy ending, kindly delivering a harder edged PSY take on things via his WAX remix, as well as a darker, more progressive re-rub on his WANE rework.

“How small these rescued tides appear! Earthly delights flow in torrents. Each object offers paradise.”
― André Breton, The Magnetic Fields



Written by Julie Harrington, Gary Butcher, Mads Arp & Steen ThØttrup. Produced by Mads Arp & Steen ThØttrup. Remix and additional production on 1. by Mindwave, 2. by Deepfunk, 3 & 4. by Casey Rasch. Published by Copyright Control. (p) 1998 Hooj (c) 2015 Lost Language

RELEASE DATE: 22 June 2015
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