Hazem Beltagui Presents Dark Sahara - The Weaver Of Black Noise


CBM Remix

Fresh from remixing 3 Access and You's 'The Energy', HAZEM BELTAGUI struts up to the BLACK TRANCE pulpit in his DARK SAHARA cassock - all chaos, doom and gated riffs.

CBM takes the reins this time with an expansive first sermon in the EL-EL TEMPLE, a bone shaking, tech-trance monster, that's hard, open and HD ready in all the right places.

"If you truly seek illumination, then where better to find it than in the darkness?" - Lon Milo Duquette

The Cult of Lost Language.


Written and produced by Hazem Beltagui. Remix and Additional production by CBM. Published by Dharma Songs. (p) 2015 Lost Language (c) 2015 Lost Language

RELEASE DATE: 30 March 2015
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