Andy Ling - Fixation


Relaunch Remix
Chris Oblivion and Astro-D Remix

LOST LANGUAGE has a big sister named HOOJ - currently absent on a journey of self discovery, last spotted in a Clapton squat - and we've been casually ransacking her Trance parts ever since she left, all those moons ago.

Andy Ling's 'FIXATION' was a staple in the legendary SASHA sets of days gone by and now RELAUNCH - fresh from releasing his ONE LOVE EP - has turned in the mother of all prog-trance mixes, utilising the original parts to great effect. Don't be fooled by inferior cover versions currently doing the rounds, guys - this is the mix you've been waiting for.

On the flip, new J00F heroes Chris Oblivion and Astro D pump things up a touch, liberally spraying their 303 seed all over ye olde trance crops.

Like psychic dogs, we wait with ham like tongue for the return of wild sister HOOJ - but until then, we'll keep the water bowl full and the trance kennel warm.

Woof. LL.


Written & Produced by Andy Ling. Remix and additional production on track 1. by Relaunch, track 2. by Chris Oblivion and Astro-D (p) 2000 Hooj (c) Lost Language 2014

RELEASE DATE: 26 Jan 2015
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