Tilt vs Paul Van Dyk - Rendezvous


Thomas Datt Remix
Orkidea Remix
Robert Vadney Remix
Zach Roth Remix
Fabio Macor Remix
Tilt's Quadrophonic Instrumental Mix

Originally released in 1997 on Perfecto, 'Rendezvous'is the mammoth trance hit from Tilt and Paul Van Dyk. For a special digital release, Lost Language have pulled in a selection of high calibre remixes and chucked in the instrumental of Tilt's original Quadrophonic Mix for good measure.

First up on remix duties we have Polish national and New York resident Thomas Datt, famous for his tracks "Eden's Light" and "Phoenix Burn" on Discover. Datt delivers a powerhouse effort here, with maximum momentum and melodic prowess. Next up we have 'the worlds most popular Nordic DJ', Orkidea. Fresh from releasing his album celebrating 20 years of Orkidea, it's an honour to have him on board for this package. In his typically multi-faceted style, this particularly special edit is bold and euphoric.

With innumerable remixes on high profile labels and critically acclaimed original compositions already under his belt, you'll be forgiven for thinking Robert Vadney has been around forever as he is still only in his 20's! His remix is slick with those uniquely moody 'Goth' undertones we love him for.

Zack Roth has been a celebrated NYC-based DJ for the better part of a decade. His style of music can be described as progressive, dark, and highly danceable, and that's exactly what we've got here. This DJ doesn't disappoint!

To clean up, Fabio Macor comes out from hiding after the stellar release on Molecule last year with a staggering remix for the package. Moody, dramatic and propelling.


Written by Mick Park, Mick Wilson, John Graham & Paul Van Dyk. Published By Copyright Control, Windfall Publishing & Peer Musi. (P) Hooj 1999 (c) Lost Language 2013

RELEASE DATE: 12 Aug 2013
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