Santiago Nino - No Matter What EP


No Matter What
Zeta Reticuli
Santiago Nino - No Matter What EP

Big things are happening in the life of Columbian born Santiago Nino. He has moved south to Argentina and set up his brand new label "Plasma Torus". A man on the move in many ways. We are pretty lucky to be putting our an EP by the man himself.

"No Matter" is a juxtapose of thunderous big room techno, swinging house pads and progressive sensibility. Zeta Reticuli hardens things up mixing techno drive, some acid synth and motorik drum patterns. Hard edge tech-trance at its best.


Written & Produced by Santiago Nino. Published by Dharma Songs. (p) & (c) Lost Language 2011

RELEASE DATE: 28 Nov 2011
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