Various Artists - Exhibition Century Sampler 2

Vinyl [LOST101L]

Lustral - Everytime (Glenn Morrision & Bruce Aisher Remix)
Solarstone - Seven Cities (Tasadi & Cressida Remix)
Luminary - My World (Andy Moor Remix)
Salt Tank - Eugina (Tiesto Remix)
Various Artists - Exhibition Century Sampler 2

As part of the 10 Years of Lost Language and the celebratory Exhibition Century compilation here we find the second vinyl sampler. It was hard picking the best of the best to make it to the vinyl so in the end we decided on some new, some old.

Fist up is the Glenn Morrison and Bruce Aisher remix of the classic Lustral - Everytime. Big progressive beats from the Canadian duo. Next up is Tasadi (who mixed the Exhibition Century) pairing with German Cressida for their spin on one of the all time trance classics, Solarstones Seven Cities.

On the flip we dip into the classics department of the back catalog. Andy Moors mix of Luminary - My World remanins one of our best sellers to this day and this mix also featured on Tiestos ISOS 4. Talking of Tiesto, before he became the megastar he is, he was just a star. During that time we were lucky enough to have him do a remix of Salt Tank - Eugina.


01. Written by Stephen Jones & Ricky Simmonds. Published by Earth Music / Chrysalis. (p) 2002 Hooj. 02. Written & Produced by Richard Mowatt and Andy Bury. Published by Copyright Control. (p) 1999 Hooj Choons. 03. Produced by Laurence Rapaccioli. Written by Laurence Rapaccioli & Ashley Tomberlin. Published by Copyright Control. (p) 2007 Lost Language. 04. Written & Produced by Malcolm Stanners and David Gates. Published by Copyright Control. (p) 1999 Hooj Choons.

RELEASE DATE: 19 April 2010
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