Solarstone - Solarstone Remodeled Volume 1


The Calling (RAM Remix)
Solarcoaster (Haris C Remix)

The Solarstone world never stops turning.. Rich is currently locked-away in his bunker working on album no2. But as the man says.. you can't keep the music down. Here we present two finely executed remixes of classic Solarstone tracks from the Lost Language back catalogue.

First up is Dutch trance supremo RAM, with his octane pumped revamp of debut Solarstone release (way back in 1997 folks!) 'The Calling'. Next up is our favorite Cypriot Trancemaster Haris C. His mix of 2002's 'Solarcoaster' is a main-room big-riffed workout of the Tiesto ISOS3 featured hit. Stay tuned for a lot more Solarstone in the summer of 2010.


The Calling Written & Produced by Mowatt, Tierney & Bury. Solarcoaster Written & Produced by Mowatt & Bury. Published by Copyright Control. (p) & (c) Lost Language 2010

RELEASE DATE: 15 Feb 2010
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