Origin - Wide Eyed Angel


Chad Cisneros Mix
Pinned Mix
Origin - Wide Eyed Angel

Its taken us 79 releases but we finally have got around to re-leasing some new mixes of our first ever release. Its a while since the trance classic Wide Eyed Angel has seen the light of day but the remix was worth the wait. First up is Texas based Chad Cisneros mix. Chads other job is as A&R of US label Pangea recordings and the big room prog trance sensibilites really shine through here. Chad manages to combine chunky and digital grooves with a break down to die for. Next up is the ambient pinned mix from the Chilled Euphoria CD.


Written and Produced by Dave Wood and Anthony Mein. Published by Copyright Control. (p) & (c) Lost Language 2007

RELEASE DATE: 10 Dec 2007
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