Keenan vs Anderson - Jericho


Jericho (Original Mix)
Jericho (Peter Martin Remix)
Jericho (Steve Porter Remix)
Jericho (Santiago Nino Tech Dub Mix)
Jericho (Nightlight Vocal Mix)
Jericho (Christopher Lobsinger Slowburn Mix)
Jericho (Nightlight Instrumental Mix)
Keenan vs Anderson - Jericho

Stuart Keenan is the UK based head of Navigation records. Here is teams up with Dale Anderson for their debut work together "Jericho".

Jericho is a low slung progressive trancer. The original combines eerie sweeping pads with a machine-gun like progressive underbeat. All tied together with a slight tech house twist. One for the Bedrock set but also those who prefer things a bit more melodic.

Texan (and Oakenfold fave) Peter Martin adds a electro feel by layering in his trademark square digital synths to lumbering tek rhythms. A slightly deeper tint that the usual Lost Language material.

All round crowd pleaser Steve Porter delivers his up-tempo mix with more of a housier feel. Real quality.

A 2nd track from the boys "Futurestep" rounds off the package with a further slice of their prog-trance-tek sound.

Look out for the Ltd CD which features an extra mix from Nightlight (Colorado based Shawn Mitiska and UK based Nick Thompson).


Written and produced by Stewart Keenan and Dale Anderson. Published by Copyright Control. Licensed courtesy of Navigation. (p) & (c) Lost Language 2005

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