Empire State - Niagara


Niagra (Original)
Niagra (Espen & Elusive Mix)
Niagra (John Askew Remix)
Adironda (Original Mix)
Empire State - Niagara

Crowd-pleasing and yet still credible, nothing more than you'd expect from old hands Filo & Peri. The original kicks off straight away, no messin', into a uplifting sound that wouldn't be out of place on any dancefloor you care to mention. There's a deep, solemn effect, a nice surge of sound, and we're out of progressive and edging into pure trance. The Espen and Elusive mix has much more of a deep house feel that stomps its way masterfully along, adding on funky, trippy layers and solidly finishing up with its hands in the air. The John Askew mix is techier and speedier. The final track Adironda is another trancey, uplifting piece and with a nicely placed breaks influence, is a pacey dancefloor staple.


Written and produced by Filo and Peri. Published by Armada Music. Publishing, Holland. Copyright Control. (p) Tirade Records Ltd. 2004 (c) Lost Language 2004

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