Energy 52 - Café Del Mar


Three 'n One Update (Radio Edit)
Café Del Marco V Remix
Michael Woods Ambient Mix
Energy 52 - Café Del Mar

Originally licensed from Superstition back in 96, recently voted the best dance record of all time in Mixmag and will be announced as one of the all-time Top 5 Ibiza tunes EVER on Channel 4s forthcoming Ibiza TV, Café Del Mar is back with some massive new mixes.

First up is the Marco V mix. Originally doing the rounds as a one sided white label called Café Del Marco - received Sureplayer status in both DJ mag and single of the month in M8, Muzik, Ministry and Mixmag.


(p) Tirade Records Ltd. 2002 (c) Lost Language 2002

RELEASE DATE: 30 Sept 2002
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