V-One - Dead Cities EP


Clouds In The Sky (Extended Mix)
Dead Cities (Return Of the Native Remix)
Dead Cities (Force Mass Motion Remix)
Dead Cities (Original Mix)
V-One - Dead Cities EP

'Clouds In The Sky' is a simple little track which builds almost without you noticing to a big solid sound. The 'Return Of The Native' remix of 'Dead Cities', with additional production by M.I.K.E. has a much more hard trance, techy sound, and is a dark driving track. Best of the remixes though is the 'Force Mass Motion' remix, which takes the pace down a notch, and has an outstandingly uplifting sound. The original is a simpler, harder, pared down version.


Written by Laurent Veronnez. Produced by Laurent Veronnez and Marinix B. Remix and additional production on Disc 1 - Side B by M.I.K.E. for Syndrome Produktunes. M.I.K.E. appears courtesy of Lightning Records NV, Belgium. Remix and additional production on Disc 2 - Side A by Mike Wells for Force Mass Motion. Mike Wells appears courtesy of Future Groove. Published by BMG Universal Music Publishing [Bonzai Music] 1999. Licensed from Big Fish Music / Bonzai UK. (p) Tirade Records Ltd. 2000 (c) Lost Language 2000

RELEASE DATE: 16 Oct 2000
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